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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loving World

Even when he's tough he's cute
"Mom, get out of the texting world and come to the loving world...and after that come to the real world." - Ryland

Seriously, it is sad when you kids call you out like that....the totally sad thing was that I didn't even hear it the first time...I was too wrapped up in that "texting world."

Who even knew what texting, or tweeting, or blogging was a few years ago?  (ok...maybe more like 10 years ago) But it is true that we have so many opportunities to be distracted these days...our computers are laptops and go with us everywhere, our phones are constantly beeping and buzzing with new messages, updates, alarms...we (not all, but many of us) are constantly connected to the internet in some fashion, we text rather than talk, and when we talk we have a hard time tuning out in order to tune in.

Having said that...we, as a family, have really tried to work on this...it is actually one small reason why I have not been blogging much on here lately.  When I'm not working, I have wanted to be present...be off.  The kids always equate being on the computer with work.  I don't want them to ever think we live to work...we do work to live, yes, it is a part of our life, but it is not our life...they are.

Addison and Richard on their date!
I do however, miss writing about them...miss reflecting and mentally noting their perspective.  I honestly NEED to write because I have the WORST memory ever.   I have to write or I will loose those moments.

A recent comment from Addison - "Daddy, do you think I'm pretty?"
I hope she always knows to look to her Father - both heavenly Father and earthly Father (who thankfully is an amazing daddy!) to let her know she is beautiful inside and out...don't all of us yearn for that? 

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  1. Wow, love Ryland's comment!!! :) Love the pictures too, Heidi! -Jes