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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loving World

Even when he's tough he's cute
"Mom, get out of the texting world and come to the loving world...and after that come to the real world." - Ryland

Seriously, it is sad when you kids call you out like that....the totally sad thing was that I didn't even hear it the first time...I was too wrapped up in that "texting world."

Who even knew what texting, or tweeting, or blogging was a few years ago?  (ok...maybe more like 10 years ago) But it is true that we have so many opportunities to be distracted these days...our computers are laptops and go with us everywhere, our phones are constantly beeping and buzzing with new messages, updates, alarms...we (not all, but many of us) are constantly connected to the internet in some fashion, we text rather than talk, and when we talk we have a hard time tuning out in order to tune in.

Having said that...we, as a family, have really tried to work on this...it is actually one small reason why I have not been blogging much on here lately.  When I'm not working, I have wanted to be present...be off.  The kids always equate being on the computer with work.  I don't want them to ever think we live to work...we do work to live, yes, it is a part of our life, but it is not our life...they are.

Addison and Richard on their date!
I do however, miss writing about them...miss reflecting and mentally noting their perspective.  I honestly NEED to write because I have the WORST memory ever.   I have to write or I will loose those moments.

A recent comment from Addison - "Daddy, do you think I'm pretty?"
I hope she always knows to look to her Father - both heavenly Father and earthly Father (who thankfully is an amazing daddy!) to let her know she is beautiful inside and out...don't all of us yearn for that? 

Friday, January 7, 2011

I am watching the snow fall...if it is going to be cold it might as well snow.  At least it makes things beautiful!  Yesterday I got a chance to catch up on some wonderful blogs (many of them on the right hand margin here) of some great friends.  Their beautiful words and sweet pictures made me really want to re-do the last couple months.  I have often stopped realizing that life is happening all around me, time is passing with or without me, and that all of it is a gift.  I cannot earn it...I am not promised it will last forever....and (just as I wrote on my chalk board yesterday) it's not all about me.

There have been moments of sweet bliss and complete contentedness, but those have been swallowed by rushed to do's and hushed children.  I have not taken notes, listened well, or been thankful enough for the love, beauty, fulness, health, and pure joy that is around me...around us.

Children have an unending ability to love, to forgive, to run wild, and to be present in the moment.  My kids have much to teach me still.  So....my 2011 resolutions are:
- listening instead of hushing
- choosing joy over guilt
- making right priorities rather than making everyone happy

I wrote on another blog this Christmas that the series of Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) was about being THANKFUL for what you have been given, GENEROUS with what you have, and HOPEFUL for what is to come.

I am hopeful that God is beginning a new work in me...

Addison is full of joy...ALL the time! I see God's love so alive in her.
These 3 (and Layla) have such fun together whatever they are doing!
Happy Birthday Jesus...thanks for these 2 most perfect gifts!
Ryland loves life and lives wide open.  I just want to tackle him to the ground and kiss him all over!
This is just the beginning!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Warning...this post is all about me!

Traditionally I have baned schedules. I have run from structure.  But now I am reluctantly finding the need for both in my life. Too many undefined roles competing for my time has left me looking over the past couple months wondering where it went. Granted we did move, all the while trying to rid ourselves of the mass of items one acquires when living in a much too large house and now we are residing in a much to small space to hold on to the unnecessary. This new (actually a return to the previous) home is a welcomed change for all of us.

We loved our grand old stone house with all of its history and charm....it was a sweet place to be for 2 years (I can't believe it was really 2 years) and we will always fondly remember our days there...cuddled by the fireplace, filling it with lots of people around the holidays, Layla (our dog) opening the front door after she roamed the mountains, the smell of a fire in the winter and lilacs in the spring, Ryland's top shelf (bed), the weeping cherry tree, the privacy, the winter sky view out of our master bedroom windows, and even the ladybugs that used to take lodge there in the winter. In our new home we now move on to close quarters, but brighter walls, a secret passage way between the kids rooms (which they are thrilled to no longer be sharing a room), close neighbors (but good neighbors), my little garden plot, a place to ride bikes, an outdoor grill, a sleeping porch, and a new start. Richard might say that I am just never content, but it is not that I am not content...rather, I just love change!  I joked the other day (quite cleverly might I say) that I am just like a vending machine....in order to get something good out of me you must give me change! Yep, that one is all my own! 

Richard napping...so cute!

It was the perfect Christmas house!

The new place!
Well, here is to the change of seasons as well...I hear we are getting snow flurries tomorrow!  I will post again soon...as I am getting back to the computer and virtual life...and back to sharing stories from a three foot (and growing) vantage point. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My heart is missing...

I left my heart somewhere at camp and I think I might just lose my mind without it.  My first born, my miniature Richard, my honey, my heart...is gone this week.  She went to Camp Merri-Mac and is having the time of her life...I can see it in the pictures they put up everyday (yes, I check it about once an hour)!  I also am blessed to have so many friends looking after her there.  I get reports daily and it warms my heart...but that doesn't fill the so obvious gap we now have in our family.  Life isn't the same here...part of our zeal is gone.  I toy with the idea of hiking up in the woods and finding her so we can have a secret place we come to everyday to meet and laugh...but than I realize I would be forever pegged as that creepy mom who just couldn't let go.  Wisely I have resisted this temptation!

Yes, we are having fun focusing all of our attention on Ryland and watching him rise to the occasion with his humor and goofiness...I mean someone has to entertain us!  However, we all feel the void.  I know I sound so sad, but on the other (totally amazing) side of this coin I am blessed beyond words to have her experiencing what she is experiencing, growing in every way, relying on God and other godly people there, and being the independent person she loves to be.  She was so excited to go and every report has been that she is all smiles there...bringing joy to the people around her just as she has always brings joy to us.  So this is just a moment to let you know that I am currently living without a portion of my heart, so if I seem a little less colorful or a little more downtrodden...this is why.  However, I choose joy in knowing God has her in his hands and is molding her in ways that I couldn't!

I will leave you with my one and only quote from her these last couple days:
A friend at camp asked Addie: "Addison, what have you guys been doing tonight?"

Addison: "having so much fun!!!"
I love you Addison...more than I can express and I can't wait to tackle you with a huge hug and all the kisses in the world!  You are my heart.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom, today is your birthday and because of your birth day (so very long ago....just kidding, Mom...45 is still so young) I get to celebrate so many special birthdays of people I love in my life.  Your life has given life to not only your children and grandchildren, but the lives of all the others you have touched and loved.  I believe you give life everyday as you teach and as you live your life with such hope.  You inspire me, Mom...you always have.  I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

On school...
Well, we had our first real parent teacher conference the other day...and we were so excited...both of us there, beaming, eagerly asking questions, hanging on everything the teacher said...yeah, I am sure Kindergarten parents are really annoying!!! It was fun though...the thing I was most excited about is when I asked the teacher if Addison was more of a leader or more of a follower at school, she said she was really neither.  She said Addison likes to be around people and sometimes in the middle of the fun, but never seems to need to follow anyone.  She sometimes just needs her space, doesn't care what everyone else is thinking or doing....whew, I was glad to hear what I thought I already knew...she is her own little bird, confident, outgoing, but not too swayed by the wind. I like it! 

A couple things Ryland says right now:
"ice pickle" or "ice pockle" - for Popsicle...I think only because we refuse to correct him because it is soo cute.  Like me, he also makes up words that sound like they could fit when he can't find the right word...for instance..."Mom don't pimp (pop) my pimple" or "Are you all wrapped up (covered) with booboo's too?"  I like it and never correct him...after all he is my baby.  He of course, like so many little squirts, says "fighter man" for Spider Man and "don't feed, Mom" for "don't speed, Mom."

Well, I just had to get the ball rolling again...it had been a while and, honestly, I stopped paying as much attention to the funny and insightful things the kids were saying...so...here I go nudging that ball.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Over 40"

Aside from this blog being their "3 ft vantage point" the kids' height has never meant as much as it did in Disney World...the fact that they were both a hair over 40" was incomparably important!  This meant that they could ride Splash Mountain...and Tower of Terror...and all the other good rides.  Our trip would not have been the same without these scary but thrilling rides! 
A couple things I realized along the way...
Ryland refusses to walk when a willing adult is around that will pick him up
Addison isn't afraid to let go and put her hands in the air
"Flash Mountain" (in Ry's words) is both of their favorite ride
a bag full of snacks is a must
I am a bit too worried about everyone having a great time
Richard likes the challenge of "working" the fast pass system almost more than the rides themselves
Annie has amazing endurance at 16 weeks pregnant but does not have amazing shoes
Dan (or as Addison called him "Danny") is the easiest person to travel with and easy to please...especially when a cold one is waiting for him in the end
Will "the thrill" loves a ride and is the most excitable little guy ever!
I consider Jon family
and Sidney loves to twirl...especially in her new Mini Mouse dress! 
It was great fun! We made a little stop at the beach on the way back which was a perfect ending...no pics from that though.
During and after the ride!!!!
Check out Dan and Will in the back!!
Happy Birthday, Ryland!!!!! We love you to pieces!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Easter Bunny Isn't Real

Easter has come and gone but the candy is still around. We had 3 great Easter Egg hunts, a Sonrise service, and a couple family dinners, and some meaningful moments. It was great…we are extremely busy…but loving these gorgeous Spring days.

Warning: If wanting to perpetuate any fun but mythical beliefs for your children…please give Addison a heads up!

So we were at my Dad and Lisa’s house with Lisa’s sister, her husband, and their children from NYC. They all had much fun finding the 140 eggs around Dad’s house. Afterwards, sitting outside on a big blanket, somebody was talking about the eggs that the “Easter Bunny” hid and Addison blurts out “the Easter Bunny isn’t real.” In an effort to salvage the tail Donna, the mom to these 3 great kids, quickly said, “you just have to believe!” to which Addison said, “I do believe…I believe the Easter Bunny isn’t real.” Oh goodness, what do I say? Nothing…I had nothing…just silence and inward hilarity! Donna, I am so sorry…don’t let Addison around your kids during Christmas!

Ryland is my innocent and very literal child. It is always so genuine and so funny. A while ago Richard was giving him some golf lessons in the living room as Addie and I watched. Richard said, “Ryland, choke up on the club.” Holding the club in his hands Ryland started making a choking/coughing sound…and he was totally sure that was what Daddy meant. We were rolling!

Most recently Ryland was asking me for some cookies and I said, “Make me a puppy dog face and you can have some.” Ryland took his imaginary paint brush in his hand and began painting my face to look like a puppy face…he was saying “paint, paint, paint.” Not exactly what I meant, but he did get the cookie!